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UFC Stars Ronda Rousey and Travis Browne Engaged, No Word On Whether Invitations Will Say ‘Rousey VS Browne’


Ronda Rousey and new-fiance Travis Browne were caught on the street when the TMZ reporter caught a glimpse of a rather large rock on her hand. He joked that she would sink to the bottom of the water if she went swimming, before she gushed that she was a great swimmer.

Brown revealed that the proposal happened underneath a waterfall in New Zealand, presumably while the two were battling ninjas and building up their chi. “Felt like the right place to do it,” said Brown.

When pressed for a date, Rousey sai, “Soon but I dont know what goes into planning a wedding,” before adding, “I could be really easy. I don’t really want a lot. Don’t need decorations and flowers, just somewhere to go, something to eat, and people around.”

The two reportedly met while Brown was separated but still married to his then wife in 2015. Rousey last fought in 2016, which led to her second straight loss. UFC President Dana White told TMZ earlier this week that he didn’t expect Rousey to ever return to the octagon.

[Via Complex]

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