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Ugg and Teva Just Joined Forces To Create The World’s Ugliest Shoe


Ugg and Teva recently collaborated designs and came up with a Teva shaped shoe, layered in wooly sheepskin on top of the foot and at the heel. And while it may look worse than the Croc, we have to admit—they sound pretty comfortable.

Teva x Ugg

Although it’s hard to imagine when you might wear such a shoe. When it’s super cold but not so cold that you would mind having your toes exposed? Definitely not hiking, or in the rain, or in the snow. Or on a hot day. Or a frigid day. Hmm.

According to Eliza Brooke over at Racked, who was lucky enough to try the new design, the material is soft as a pillow and the pair “feel like heaven.” She continued, “If you enjoy the sensation of wriggling under the covers of a well-made bed in mid-winter — sheets properly tucked under the mattress to form a sort of straightjacket — you will understand how my feet feel right now, under my desk, as I write this. So cozy, bound by velcro straps under layers of UGGpure™ wool.”

Doesn’t sound so bad, right? Might be worth the bulky, odd look.

The collab has also resulted in a Teva X Ugg Boot. I know you didn’t think it possible, but this one is even uglier than the last.

Teva X Ugg

The sandal is priced at $175, and the boot comes in at $225. Both are available to buy on both Teva and Ugg’s websites. If you dare.

[via Racked]

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