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Uh Oh: What Happened to Blackberry Might Be Happening to Apple


It’s kind of a given that technology comes in fads. Remember when everyone had the sidekick, then the Blackberry, then the iPhone? Well it was only going to be a matter of time until people got sick of the iPhone too, and it seems that time has come. I don’t know what phone is going to be next, but Apple better pull a rabbit out of a hat before they hit obscurity.

Personally, I’m not surprised that Apple’s sales are at a 13-year low. I mean, come on, they just keep releasing the same shit over and over again in different sizes. How long did you think we’d keep buying into this, Apple?

Apple has just reported that it made they hit a 13-year low in sales last quarter. It’s still a shit ton of money, but last quarter Apple pulled in $50.6 billion as opposed to the same quarter last year, when they made $58 billion. So no, they’re not facing bankruptcy or anything, but declining sales could signal that their recent products are shit (which they were).

Apple one savior right now is iPhone sales, iPad sales have been in the shit bucket since 2014, and the Apple Watch is basically an epic fail.

[via Mashable]


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