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The UK is Taking Down That Famed Mural of Kevin Spacey

Following the plethora of sexual assault allegations brought against House of Cards actor Kevin Spacey, extreme measures are being taking to remove his face from basically everywhere. He was fired from House of Cards, Chris Plummer replaced him in a movie that’s a month for opening, and nobody wants anything to do with him, even in the UK.

Yesterday we reported that while Spacey was the artistic director in London’s Old Vic theater, he apparently assault a lot of people which resulted in the theater getting 20 sexual assault allegations.

Now, Spacey’s mural in Manchester in being removed.

Back in 2015, a street artist by the name of Akse painted a mural of Spacey. According to the Manchester Evening Newsthe mural is being taken down following the allegations.

According to BBCthe owner of the Nurbhai accountancy firm, whose walls house the mural, said he was a House of Cards fan but now was “adamant” it should be removed.


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