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Um, Did the Wendy’s Twitter Account Just Tweet a Hate Symbol?

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The people that run the twitter accounts of corporate brands are either extremely boring or so outrageous that you wonder how the hell this person got hired. Wendy’s fits into the category of the latter, with their recent claim to fame being the ability to roast critics on twitter, but now it looks like their internet-savvy reputation has taken a turn for the worse.

Yesterday afternoon, the Wendy’s Twitter account posted (and then quickly deleted) an image of meme turned hate symbol, Pepe the frog, as the Wendy’s mascot. The tweet, which was up for less than 15 minutes, was a response to another users innocent request for memes.

Amy Brown, the social media manager at Wendy’s, told BuzzFeed News the tweet was deleted due to a community manager being “unaware of the recent political connotations associated with Pepe memes.”

For those of you who are unaware, Pepe the Frog is a cartoon character that has become a popular Internet meme that wound up becoming an official hate symbol by the Anti-Defamation League due to it’s association with the Alt-Right movement. Needless to say, the new nazi party got mad when Wendy’s deleted the tweet, having thought they found a new place to hold their white supremicist meetings.

The internet is a strange place.

[Via Buzzfeed]

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