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How To Undamage Your Goods


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Whether you’re haunted by something that’s happened to you or something you’ve done, it’s easy to let your past define your present and your future. Know that all is not lost. This isn’t permanent. Don’t give up so easily.

Keep On Moving On

Attributing the entirety of your character to your past circumstances or mistakes puts a heavy burden on your shoulders. It’s hard to move forward under the weight of it. Everyone has self-esteem issues; some just hide it better than others.

Half the battle is attitude

It’s not what happens to us that defines our character, but the way we deal with it. You don’t have to be little miss sunshine, but it doesn’t hurt to throw a shred of optimism in there once and a while.


When were your negative thoughts useful? Did they ever comfort you? Fix anything? Make it better? No. They probably made your life worse and made that pit you live in a lot harder to crawl out of…okay, my pit. I live in a pit… of despair…help me.

See. Poor attitude.


Be aware of how you make yourself feel, how you make other people feel, the things you enjoy doing, and the things you do not enjoy at all.

It’s not how other people feel about us that makes us happy. It’s ourselves that make us happy. Waiting for someone’s validation is pointless. Seek it from yourself.

Be fair to yourself and other people

Other people might not want to be around you if you suck. There. I said it. We were all thinking it. Now we can move on.

It’s okay not to be everyone’s best friend. There will be people that don’t like you. It’s fine. There are a lot, a lot, a lot, of people in the world.

Conversely, are you someone you want to hang out with? If the answer is no, fix it. Because you literally are the one person you spend the most time with, and it can’t be a lot of fun to be stuck with Debbie Downer 24/7.

Lastly, being fair to yourself and other people means not attributing thoughts or feelings as facts to them or yourself. For example, thinking your best friend is mad at you and hates you without having talked to them or really knowing if that’s a thing is kind of sucky for everyone. If you’ve decided it for them, they never really had a chance and you didn’t either. Also, telling yourself you’re a terrible human being every day might not be cool. Would you do that to someone you love?

Love yourself

Womp womp. Yeah. Love yourself. It’s not easy.

First step. Just show gratitude every day for the things that make your day all right. “I’m thankful it’s sunny today. I’m thankful for toast. I’m thankful for first world problems.”

Next step. Start being thankful for yourself by recognizing the things you do that you’re proud of and believe in.

Next step. Time.

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