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United Airlines Passenger Bumped But Receives $10,000 Voucher

A United Airlines passenger, Allison Preiss, was on her way to Austin, Texas for a friend’s bachelorette party when it was announced that the plane had a broken seat and somebody would need to volunteer to take a later flight. Seeing as nobody volunteered because humans are selfish (but that’s another article), Preiss was actually forced to be volunteer (oxymoronic but…).

Not only was Allison heading to her friend’s bachelorette party, she also had paid the lowest fare of all the passengers. So her day wasn’t shaping up to be very good. Eventually they offered Preiss $10,000 for her trouble in the form of a voucher.

Hopefully that helped a bit. But then again, if her tweets are any indication of her mood: I would not.

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