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University of Arizona is Keeping an Eye on Students by Tracking Their ID Usage to See Who May Quit the School

The University of Arizona is doing something very intriguing: keeping an eye on how many times freshman students use their ID. They’re doing so by tracking their usage from data in regards to their activity, how they are doing in the classroom, and financial aid. The college also gives this information to their staff.

The university hopes to figure out which students will leave the school. According the researchers at the college, the goal is to use the information to decrease the dropout rate.

The card swipe stats reveals how often a student set foot into the residence hall, library, and the recreation center for students. The center has a salon, mail room, movie theater (that is lit), and grocery store. Students can get access to snacks in the vending machine by using their ID.

Professor of Management  Information System, Sudha Ram said via press release, “By getting their digital traces, you can explore their patterns of movement, behavior and interactions, and that tells you a great deal about them.”

Over a three-year span, researchers reveal that they are at 73 percent when it comes to guessing how many students will leave the school.

Assistant Provost for Institutional Research at Arizona, Angela Baldasare, said,

As early as the first day of classes, even for freshmen, these predictive analytics are creating highly accurate indicators that inform what we do to support students in our programs and practice.

It is kind of creepy that the university is tracking every move that their students are making, but at least it’s for a good cause.

[via The Verge]

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