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Upping the Ante: Walmart Has Just Entered the Meal Kit Game

via The Verge

We are definitely in the age of convenience, and big companies are trying to deliver. Literally. Meal kits like Blue Apron and ones provided by Amazon have been in competition for some time. Amazon weasels it’s way into every startup industry, but it doesn’t seem to understand quality vs. quantity. The meal kits from Amazon have not seen the best reviews, and the entire service might be on the back burner until it could figure out improvements.

Walmart tried to edge it’s way into Amazon’s wake. It started it’s own delivery service for groceries, similar to Amazon’s, and now it just announced meal kits with options like Thai crab curry with Jasmine rice and chicken tikka masala. Working with brands like Home Chef and Takeout Kit, the meal service will offer diverse dishes like Sichuan-style Mapo tofu, Moroccan shakshuka, and Spanish paella. It will also have low-calorie and gluten-free options.

Home Chef will deliver food every other Tuesday, in a similar way to Blue Apron’s various weekly recipes. Each meal kit is enough for four people, and the price ranges from $32 to $79.60.

Takeout Kit and Home Chef fulfill the orders and Walmart receives the referral fee and commission. Over 30 meal kits were offered on Walmart’s website, and apparently they were all sold out. An order for a meal kit from Walmart is a one-time deal, but Home Chef and Takeout Kit offer monthly subscription services.

Since it’s start in 2012, Blue Apron was the preferred meal kit service, but sales began to decline with the introduction of Amazon’s meal kit service, and other services like Hello Fresh and Plated threatened Blue Apron sales.

[via The Verge]

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