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UPS is Looking For Their Trucks to Go Electric

Of the 108,000 UPS vehicles driving around the globe, a little over 770 of them run on hybrid or electric motors. The package delivery service is now looking to add to that number without adding any new trucks by converting about 1,500 of their diesel engine trucks to all-electric systems.

UPS is teaming up with the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), which will give the company about $500,000 to move toward converting the trucks in question. UPS will also be teaming up with Unique Electric Solutions (UES) LLC, a transportation electric company, in order to get converted trucks onto the streets of New York by spring of 2018.

UPS’s trucks will be equipped with UES chassis kits, replacing the diesel engine with a 222kW electric motor, which should make the trucks about 20% more energy efficient. Depending on how the kit is configured, the vehicles will be able to cover about 40 to 125 miles per charge.

UPs hopes to have those 1,500 trucks (which is about two-thirds of their vehicles in New York City) completely converted to electric motors by 2022.

[via Mashable]

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