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US Airstrike Hits Pro-Assad Forces in Syria


A coalition airstrike went down in Syria on Thursday which targeted pro-Assad forces. Those who are pro-regime were threatening a coalition base where advisers train anti-Islamic State fighters.

According to the U.S. led coalition command, the forces came a bit too close to the defensive zone around the at-Tanf base in southern Syria. The airstrike took them out though it was unclear whether if Syrian army forces were targetedor if they were militias aligned with the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Officials from the U.S.-led coalition attempted to use a hotline established with the Russians to warn the Syrian government to remove the forces from near the coalition base. The Russians relayed the message to the Syrian government, but the forces did not withdraw.

The U.S. then used warning shots to get the forces to back away from the base to no avail.

The U.S.-led coalition is battling ISIS in Syria and is generally not attacking Assad, though a U.S. cruise missile strike that was launched last month in retaliation for President Assad’s chemical weapons attack that killed 86 people.

[via Buzzfeed News]

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