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If ‘This Is Us,’ Then Where is ‘Billy on the Street’?

When does the next season of Billy on the Street premiere? I don’t know! And I don’t think Billy Eichner does either. But that isn’t stopping Billy from posting a web-only clip in the meantime, because someone has to get Mandy Moore’s Emmy campaign started.

Speaking of Rebecca Pearson, in the course of Billy trekking around with the cast of This Is Us, some guy cuts right to the chase and asks Mandy Moore if she’s single. If you think Billy uses that interaction as an opportunity to pun on the show title, then you are clearly a student of the Eichner School of Comedy.

Speaking of punnery, what I love about this clip is the extent to which Billy uses the title of This Is Us as a takeoff for similarly formed constructionss, like “If This Is Us, then who is Suits?”

Watch the clip below (bum ba dum bum bum bum bum):

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