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US-led Airstrikes Have Killed Over 1,100 Militants in Syria

124512_img650x420_img650x420_cropObama’s air campaign is honestly doing some good out there. Gathered from the statistics of a UK based monitoring group, the United States’s airstrikes against ISIS in Syria have killed at least 1,171 jihadists, proving the offensive to be effective. With this bit of news, it seems safe to say that America and it’s  multinational coalition is gaining ground in the Middle East.    

Another watch group called the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) has confirmed that a majority of those dead are foreign IS fighters. Sadly, about 52 Syrian civilians-including woman and children-were also among the fatalities. Unfortunately, the American airstrikes have been fired indiscriminately on ISIS positions (which sometimes include residential buildings). 

The US began conducting air strikes against ISIS from remote locations back in September. Many politicians, especially members of the GOP, argued that the missiles were not enough and that America had the capability to take the fight further. Still, Obama has limited America’s involvement in the Middle East to bombing runs. 

At this rate, US commander Lt. General James Terry estimates that it will take three years to defeat ISIS. Realistically, there is not telling where this conflict is headed as Syria’s Civil War becomes more and more globalized.  

[via BBC]


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