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US Will Officially Bid for 2024 Olympics

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The United States will officially place a bid to host the 2024 Olympics in an announcement made on Tuesday. Los Angeles, Washington, Boston and San Francisco made their final presentations to the United States Olympic Committee board of directors on Tuesday. Although the announcement of the host city is a while away, this is still exciting news for the cities that bid thus far. Contenders must submit their bids by Sept. 15, 2015. The IOC will choose the final host in Lima, Peru in 2017.

According to Yahoo! USOC chairman Larry Probs said, “We are going to take our time and pick the city we think has the best chance of winning the competition from other cities around the world.” The summer Olympics of 2024, should it go to the US will be first time the country has hosted the summer games 1996 in Atlanta.

The US Olympics team tweeted the following after the bids were placed:

[via Yahoo]

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