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Verizon Will Lock Phones For a Short Period of Time Starting This Spring

Big news from Verizon, as the company has announced that they will stop releasing unlocked phones.

The media group will lock phones then unlock them when their users are done with the activation process. The company’s new policy is to stop theft from retail stores.

Starting this upcoming Spring, Verizon will have a “wait period.” During this time, new devices will be shut down before you can unlock the phone. There is no timeframe for how long users will have to wait for their phones to be unlocked

Other phone companies like Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T have similar deals.

Sprint has customers wait 50 days before you can unlock the device. But for phones that can came out after Feb, 2015, the company will unlock your phone when you have eligibility without having you fill out a manual request.

T-Mobile will have you wait 40 days and with a maximum of two unlock demand for each line, every year.

AT&T, you must have your phone be open for 60 days. Also, if you want to get a new phone, you need to wait 14 days for the company to unlock your old phone.

Verizon will give out more information when the new policy gets closer to being launched.

[via The Verge]

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