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Veterans Photo’s of a VA Clinic room He was Seen Spark Outrage and goes Viral.

A social media posted by a veteran and his father, has caused outrage, with many wanting answers. Christopher Wilson, an Army veteran who served two tours in Iraq captured the room that he was told he was going to be seen in, and the picture’s are more than enough to make any of us taxpayers upset. The rooms condition was no even close to clean or sanitary during Wilson’s podiatry appointment. It should also be said how he had to wait 45 minutes for these below sub-par conditions.

Thinking they would send him to a different room, Chris said, “I figured they would say, ‘Oh, this room’s not clean,’ and take me somewhere else, but they kind of just blew past it — didn’t acknowledge it,” telling KUTV.

Salt Lake City’s VA Chief of Staff Dr. Karen Gribbin apologized to the veteran for the awful conditions, saying “I was taken aback by the condition of the room,” she said. “Mr. Wilson should not have been placed in that room in that condition”. She wrote on social media, that the room was used for setting casts for diabetic veterans. Regardless, the conditions were unacceptable and something needs done about the injustice that happens everyday to our veterans.

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