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A Video of Ben Affleck Groping a ‘TRL’ Host is Making the Rounds

CREDIT: Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Ben Affleck is one of many celebrities who has condemned the sexual harassment by Harvey Weinstein, but video evidence exists that suggests he has not always lived up to these standards himself.

Yesterday, actress and former TRL host Hilarie Burton shared a video from TRL: Uncensored in which she referenced (around the 0:40 mark) Affleck groping her during an interview:

A fuller version of the clip is below:

Burton, who was 18 at the time, originally laughed off the incident, at least while she was on camera. But based on her tweets about it now, she clearly views it as more predatory than it was portrayed at the time.

Affleck has not endured any public revelations about bad behavior on the same scale as Weinstein, so I’ll leave it up to those who know with certainty to determine just how hypocritical he is being. But regardless, this is yet another example of toxic entitlement in Hollywood and the importance of calling attention to it.

UPDATED at 1:33 PM:

Affleck has since tweeted an apology to Burton:

[via Vulture]

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