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This Video of a Dog Singing the ‘Spongebob’ Theme Song Will Bring You Pure Joy

There are just some theme songs that, when they come on, you can’t fight the urge to sing or dance along. Sure, I might not like Friends, but you bet your ass I’m clapping when I hear, “So no one told life was gonna be this way.”

I swear this is how we’re going to find out who’s a real human when the aliens take over and disguise themselves amongst us.

Another tune that has people, and now animals, shouting? The Spongebob Squarepants theme song.

Megan Baker did the world a favor and uploaded a video of her dog singing along to the show’s classic opening, which you can watch above.

Do you want to know the best part? The Dog’s name is Bob.

Is he a good boy? Aye aye, captain!

[via Mashable]

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