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These Videos of Reporters Braving Irma’s Winds are Taking the Internet by Storm

Despite the fact that Irma has been downgraded from hurricane to a tropical storm, it has taken electricity away from 5.8 million people across  Florida, as well as robbing the lives of at least 42 people in the state as well as in the Caribbean. With wind gusts of over 130 miles per hour and massive amounts of rainfall, flooding in Jacksonville has exceeded the previous record set by Hurricane Dora in 1964.

Although the effects of Irma have been devastating, there’s one thing all of us can appreciate: news reporters standing out in the storm while telling the rest of us to stay inside. Through their valiant televised efforts, they provide us with not only the information and evidence we all need but also some of the best videos of people doing hilariously risky things.

While the real videos are amazing, you also can’t help but laugh at the fake ones too.

[via BroBible]

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