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Vive La REDvolution! The Eiffel Tower Will Be Getting Another Paint Job

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The Eiffel Tower has loomed over Paris since 1889, and for years after, Parisians hated the gigantic iron structure. Something else that might be surprising is the fact that the tower was originally painted red.

Over 129 years, the Eiffel Tower has been repainted 19 different times in colors like yellow, shades of brown, and ochre. But now, the City of Paris and the Ministry of Culture are trying to decide on if the tower should be painted its original red.

“We will rediscover and revive these old colors, like we do when we restore an old painting,” a specialist from the ministry said to Le Parisien. “This will give some food for thought as to whether or not to add nuances to the current hue.”

Apparently, the tower was painted red to protect the structure from rust. The new color will need sixty tons of paint and will begin in October. The painting will take three years but is going to be part of a new fifteen year plan that will restore parts of the tower and install a bulletproof glass wall, a renovation that will cost  $369-million (€300-million).

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