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Volvo is Struggling to Get Self-Driving Cars on the Road

While this year has been pummeled with plans of Tesla’s new releases, Volvo has silently been hard at work readying its next venture to deliver 100 self-driving cars to the people of Sweden, but not without a few setbacks.

The venture, known as Drive Me, was initially set to appear in 2017, however the company is pushing the date back to 2021 and is scaling back the number of cars involved, according to Automotive News.

The original plans were to deliver 100 of its XC90 models to families in Sweden, China, and the UK. The participants were expected to test Volvo’s autonomous vehicles. The vehicles would run fully unsupervised on pre-mapped freeways in specific communities. The autonomous mode would allow drivers to fully immerse themselves in their favorite books or films, while the car guides them to their destination.

Unfortunately, the families that were going to be testing the vehicles are now going to have to wait to be involved in the Drive Me program. The vehicles will also not be fully driverless, but will feature the same Level 2 semi-autonomous assistance systems that are available in the US and Europe.

Marcus Rothoff, Volvo’s autonomous driving program director, told Automotive News Europe,

On the journey, some of the questions that we thought were really difficult to answer have been answered much faster than we expected. And in some areas, we are finding that there were more issues to dig into and solve than we expected.

Volvo states that they are still working on perfecting the vehicles and tweaking the electrical components dents which make the self-driving system functional. The Swedish carmaker is said to be working with companies Autoliv and Nvidia in effort to do so.

[via The Verge]

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