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Volvo’s New Subscription Plan is the Next Big Thing in Car Sale Innovation

Volvo is seeking a new way to embrace technology and find their way into your pockets.

The Swedish automaker has a new “not-so-new” marketing strategy they’re rolling out that’s quite similar to the way cellphone companies get consumers to purchase new phones.

The service will be referred to as Care by Volvo, and offers an all inclusive lease on the company’s new XC40 compact SUV. Under a two year long contract, Care by Volvo will cost consumers $600 a month prior to taxes and fees. The only catch is that there’s a 15,000-mile annual allowance.

Customers will be allowed to “upgrade” to a newer model after just 12 months, much like a smartphone package.

The program will also offer customer service, roadside assistance, and maintenance. The real deal however is the auto insurance coverage that comes along with it through Liberty Mutual.

The program will also offer consumers the ability to raise the XC40 specs for $100 a month. This includes the likes of 20-inch wheels and an enhanced sound system.

The first of the XC40s are expected to reach buyers next spring.

(via Mashable)

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