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If You Want to Look Smart When at a Museum Smartify is Here to Help You

What’s this song? Who is the artist? Where can I listen to it again? I want to buy this track– but how?

These are all common questions when listening to a song on the radio, in a movie, on a TV show, or in the grocery store. Shazam has the answers! If you haven’t already downloaded the application, it’s now time. The simple quick of your fingertip will relieve you of that frustration.

But what about artwork? This painting, this sculpture, these photographs. Who created it and when?

The new app, Smartify, acts as a docent – it “ goes beyond audio guides and catalogs.” Like the music on Shazam, you can save your Smartify artworks to reference later. This reference will turn into your own personal collection, a “mobile gallery.” Feel like sharing your Smartify discovers with another user? Easy! The app will also recommend new work for you to view, all based on your saved portfolio.


This free download for the iPhone and Android will work at museums around the world – from D.C. to Moscow. Don’t trust me? Get out there, visit a museum, and Smartify everything!

[via MyModernMet]

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