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Warby Parker Uses the New iPhone X Face ID to Match Users with the Perfect Glasses, But There’s a Catch

Warby Parker, the “hipster glasses company,” has embraced the iPhone X’s new feature – Face ID security. The company’s new iPhone app allows iPhone X users to apply the front-facing infrared camera to virtually map glasses to their face.

The iPhone X’s new technology records thousands of dots on a user’s face in order to distinguish one Face ID to another. It also records 3D depth, allowing those Warby Parker glasses to map perfectly to your face as opposed to a flat photo.

Open the application and tap “find your fit.” Once the mapping is complete, the Warby Parker app will suggest numerous frames that it has linked to fit well on you:

The downside? It does not virtually place frames on your face. Twitter accounts were not too stoked:

A user called “perico” wrote an early review of the app:

If I had $1200 to spend on a phone that can analyze my face to make your glasses fit better, I wouldn’t have to buy glasses on-line from Warby Parker.

Have an iPhone X? You should still try it! Take those steps to figure out which glasses match the best.

[via Mashable]

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