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Washington Goodwill Receives 3.75 Pounds of Marijuana as Donation


A Goodwill in Monroe, Washington received a peculiar donation of 3.75 pounds of marijuana inside of a recently donated cooler.

As a true sign of good will, the employees promptly called the police after discovering the weed.

According to the Monroe Police Department, the weed has a street value of approximately $24,000, but that estimate is more generous than the Goodwill itself. I’m not one to do the dance of the Devil’s lettuce, but I’ve seen enough Bob Marley merchandise and Judd Apatow movies to know that halfway decent weed is not an autumnal shade of brown and yellow. Though, it’s impolite to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Marijuana is legal to possess in the state of Washington, but it’s illegal to have more than one ounce for personal use. Police are currently checking surveillance footage to try and identify the unconventional philanthropist.

[via Mashable]

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