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Watch Alex Trebek Troll His Contestants Through the Years

Game show host Alex Trebek has been doing what he does for a long time now: essentially just trolling people on his game shows.

I guess you could chalk it all up to the fact that he has been doing this game show thing for like 742 years (approximately) and he’s just trying to keep things entertaining for himself, but no. No you can’t. Because apparently he was trolling for as long as footage of him cares to remember.

Whether he is implying slyly that his contestant just might be a bit promiscuous, or dashing the hopes and dreams of a poor little kid because he was one letter off from spelling emancipation right, or quietly mocking, like, every single contestant (literally everybody), he sure has his own unique trolling style. He even does the show without trousers one time. And that, I’d say, is trolling at its very very best.

Check Alex Troll-bek doing what he does best below:

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