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Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Try to Quit Drugs in the ‘Patrick Melrose’ Trailer


Benedict Cumberbatch will be taking his British charm to Showtime for the upcoming Patrick Melrose, in which he plays the title character, a man trying to give up drugs and grapple with his unresolved childhood trauma.

The miniseries looks to be an acting showcase for Cumberbatch, and a chance for him to cut loose and have some fun, at least in comparison to the more buttoned-up intellectual characters he’s generally associated with.

Also starring in the miniseries are Hugo Weaving and Jennifer Jason Leigh as younger versions of Melrose’s parents, as well as Blythe Danner of Meet the Parents fame and GirlsAllison Williams.

Patrick Melrose will be coming to Showtime soon. You can watch the trailer below:

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