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Watch Brad Pitt and Stephen Colbert Ruminate on Infinity, the Afterlife, Sean Spicer


Stephen Colbert has quite the intellect. You can tell because he wears glasses, but also because he likes to lie on a blanket underneath the stars and discuss life’s deepest and darkest mysteries with some of his closest super-famous buddies. For the latest installment of this ongoing segment, “Big Questions With Even Bigger Stars,” Colbert welcomed Brad Pitt onto the blanket for some probing discussions that are sure to blow your mind, maaaaaaaan.

Stevie Colbeezy and Bradimir Pittin chew the fat on a number of brain-benders, including what existed before the universe (“Probably just a teaser trailer for the universe”), if they believe in life after death (“I definitely believe in death after life”), whether or not clothes make the man (“My tailor swears it’s the other way around”), and if humans are inherently good or evil (“Basically good, but also kinda chewy”). Oh, and they manage to land a sick burn on Sean Spicer too.

Watch their discussion, which is almost like an extension of Pitt’s recent, surprisingly candid GQ cover story, below. Bradley P’s new film, War Machine, premiers on Netflix next Friday.

[via Mashable]

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