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Watch This Expert Wonder Woman Pumpkin Carving

CREDIT: Andy Manoloff/YouTube

Artist Andy Manoloff has created an astonishing Wonder Woman-themed jack-o-lantern. And, better yet, he’s posted a time-lapse video of the whole process so you can replicate the look on your doorstep this year.

Just kidding. Don’t even try. You can’t do it.

It’s a pretty painstaking process, starting with a detailed stencil. Manoloff cuts out chunks of the pumpkin for the brightest parts of the image, such as the wristband and other reflective surfaces, and shaves precise layers to let limited light through in other spots, creating highlights and shadows in the image.

Gotta say, it’s pretty impressive. If you’re looking to feel bad about your pumpkin-carving skills, give it a watch.

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