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Watch Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard Invite Their Famous Friends Over in Sia’s “Santa’s Coming for Us” Video


Just about every musician out there making music puts out a Christmas song or a few. It’s irresistible.

For quirky Australian songbird Sia, that truism has come to pass in the form of “Santa’s Coming for Us.” The video for the song was just posted today, and as is to be expected, the press-averse chanteuse does not appear in it. This time, Kristen Bell is her blond avatar.

The video’s concept is Bell and her real-life husband Dax Shepard hosting a holiday party. Among the guests are some other famous folks, like Henry Winkler, Susan Lucci, and JB Smoove as Santa. But where is Maddie Ziegler?! Surely there could have been time for her to dance around the tree.

At first this song sounds like the sort of kitschy thing that would play over a Target commercial, but once the title starts being repeated over and over, the whole affair starts taking on a creepier edge. I suspect that might be intentional, considering the presence of IT‘s Sophia Lillis and Wyatt Oleff and Stranger Things‘ Caleb McLaughlin.

Now where’s a good Christmas-themed horror film when you need one? If this song had come out two years earlier, we would have had the perfect addition to the Krampus soundtrack.

Watch the video below:

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