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Watch the Intrepid ‘Fire Chasers’ in the Trailer for Netflix’s Latest Doc Series

CREDIT: Netflix via YouTube

Global warming, man. The deadly consequences just keep on arriving. Case in point: California’s wildfire season has become inescapably longer and more intense.

When the state of the planet is this dangerous, it might just be a moral imperative for major companies of the world to do what they can to be a part of the solution. Ergo, Netflix has an upcoming documentary series entitled Fire Chasers about the people who fight back the flames.

In the trailer, these men and women say what you would expect them to, i.e., they realize how deadly this job is, but someone has to do it if we want this planet to remain livable AND bearable. It sounds like a winner for audiences who love profiles in courage in the face of natural disasters.

Fire Chasers premieres September 8. Watch the trailer below:

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