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Trailer Watch: ‘Show Dogs,’ Where Will Arnett and Canine Friends Fight Crime

So, you’ve seen Miss Congeniality, right? Female detective goes undercover in a beauty pageant while also trying to sniff out a crime? Well, you can take that premise absolutely literally with the upcoming movie Show Dogs. This is because an actual canine cop that talks and loves hip hop will literally be sniffing out crime, alongside his partner (played by Will Arnett), while they attempt to infiltrate a dog pageant.

I’d say it looks like a good movie for kids to go to, but honestly I love Will Arnett in pretty much anything (seriously. Remember that Netflix April Fool’s gag, where Will Arnett just talks at the camera for like an hour? Yeah, I watched…most of it). But truly, it looks pretty funny. You get the classic “fighting over control of the radio in the car” gag that Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan mastered in Rush Hour, only now between Will Arnett and his dog sidekick, so I think that’s pretty cool.

Show Dogs will be in theaters May 18, but check out the trailer below!

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