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We Could Be Seeing Flying Cars as Early As 2022

via Urban Aeronautics
via Urban Aeronautics

You think self-driving cars are the way of the future? Pssssshhh. Make way for flying cars… as soon as 2022.

Metro Skyways, a subsidiary of the Tel Aviv-based Urban Aeronautics, just announced their plans to launch a four-passenger, Vertical-Takeoff and Landing (VTOL), flying car.  The vehicle will initially be powered by jet fuel, but will eventually run on liquid hydrogen.

CityHawk, the current name of the vehicle, is combines a compact, car-sized design that has a four passenger capacity, no exposed rotors or wings, no batteries and potential for zero carbon emissions (as hydrogen’s only byproduct is pure H2O).

The development of CityHawk is expected to take five years, so expect the design to hot the skies sometime in 2022.

Before you start asking how it’ll take until the first self-driving flying car? Look no further, because CityHawk will do just that.

via Urban Aeronautics

While CityHawk will initially be piloted by a human pilot, the vehicle’s flight control and flight management systems will eventually be capable of a high degree of autonomy. The technology is being developed and tested on Tactical Robotics’ Cormorant prototype, which already flies fully autonomously. As the technology of autonomy and regulatory infrastructure mature, CityHawk will eventually transport passengers robotically.

And, if you’re took scared to even think about getting into a flying car, these babies will be totally safe. All CityHawks will be equipped with a standard rocket deployed parachute that will bring passengers safely down to the ground should any dangerous situation occur while up in the air.

Can five years get here faster, please?

[Via The Verge]

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