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Web Series ‘Monica’ Explores Lewinsky’s Life in NYC


Filmmaker Doron Max Hagay‘s new web series Monica follows the infamous Monica Lewinksy‘s life in New York City post scandal. She became an “It Girl.” A celebrity and a victim.

The show centers around Monica’s HBO Documentary deal and was inspired by the New York Magazine profile by Vanessa Grigoriadis. She wrote:

New York is a big city, but when you’re Monica, it can feel like a small town. Shopkeepers wave in greeting, people stop to introduce her to their dogs, and she gets extra whipped cream on her hot chocolate. Even at the toniest restaurants, maître d’s kiss Monica on both cheeks and gasp over her outfit before whisking her to the best table; at the end of the meal, customers often send over a bottle of champagne or, perhaps, a piece of pie (“Well, if I have to . . . ,” she jokes, digging in). And if a rude patron happens to ask if she’s “really Monica,” she just bats her eyelashes, puts on her sassiest smile, and purrs, “You know, I get that all the time!”

There were perks, but also criticism:

Not long ago, she was chased down the street by a group of men screaming epithets, and tabloids still report news like “Monica eats potato chips,” “Monica’s snuck out the kitchen door of Balthazar,” and “Monica stuffs herself with crab cakes” (“I don’t even eat seafood,” she protests).

Hagay explains to Filmmaker Magazine, “From the outset, I was dogged about not representing Monica’s story merely as satire.” So, if you thought the show looks like a joke maybe you should look a little more closely

Would Monica get as much hate and criticism nowadays? We think she’d be a lot more respected than the Kardashians.

The first two episodes of the six-part series are available here. Season two is already in the works.

[via Flavorwire]


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