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Welcome to the Gun Show, Brought to You by Taco Bell?

Three Taco Bell employees pull out their guns and shoot armed robber

Three employees at a local Taco Bell in Cleveland have made headlines by taking down an armed robber; they did so by using the guns they carried during their shift.

Two masked robbers invaded the Taco Bell on Wednesday demanding cash, the employees working responded with gunfire, killing one as the other ran away.

This incident has sparked major controversy over Ohio law which specifies that it is up to the business owner to prohibit license-carrying employees from bringing their weapon on the premises.The employees’ identities have not been released to the public; and confirmation on their concealed-carry licenses is still pending.

As of now, the employees are cooperating with authorities and not facing charges; assuring that the gunshots were in self defense. It is unclear how many customers were in the restaurant at the time of the incident but no other injuries have been reported.

[Via DailyMail]


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