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Welcome to the Single Life: It’s a Hot Mess, But It’s Doable

It isn’t easy to make a transition from the realm of relationships to the single life, especially if it wasn’t your decision to make this change. Some of you were forced to, and that could make things a little more difficult. But the point is, it isn’t as bad or scary as you might think it to be. Yes, there’s definitely adjustments to be made but they shouldn’t make you harbour feelings of worry or frustration.

I understand that some people tend to believe that they’ll never find someone else to love or that they won’t ever be able to move on. Obviously, that’s bull because it’s just your grief talking. It could very well take you a long time to accomplish but, and this is an important but, it’ll happen faster and it’ll feel more fulfilling if you actually want to let go of your ex. There are so many reasons as to why welcoming the single life could actually be good for you.

It comes with more “you” time

A lot of us get carried away when we’re in relationships. We begin to focus all of our energy into our partner and that tends to put our own interests, needs, and responsibilities on the back burner. When you become single, one thing’s for sure and that’s the fact that you’ll have so much more time for yourself. This means that you could create and work on personal goals, and do things that benefit you and work towards making you happy on your own, not with someone else.

It forces you to make lifestyle changes

When in a relationship, it’s pretty easy to get stuck in a routine, one that doesn’t challenge you and one that could become boring. You get lazy. You get dependent. You forget about you and what you need in order to live a life that you’re happy with and proud of. If you’re recently single, you don’t have to worry about this any more (if you were in the first place, of course). Positive change will encourage positive outcomes.

It means you get to meet new people (and date if you want)

So, now that you’re single, you’ll be trying to find ways to occupy your time. One of those things can be going out and meeting new people, and even getting yourself back out in the dating scene. This can be super fun if you allow it to be. Keep an open mind and just focus on doing things that ultimately make you happy. Explore all of it.

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