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Wet Seal Might Not Be Going Out of Business After All


It’s been over a month since Wet Seal filed for bankrupcy and announced they would be closing down all stores nationwide. But it seems this might not be the end for the popular teen brand. Upon visiting the retailer’s website you’ll find what first seems to be an emotional goodbye, “Thanks babe, it’s been real… It has been an honor to provide the most driven, passionate and empowered girls for the past 55 years.”

But if you continue down toward the smaller text, you’ll find a more hopeful message. “Your dedication and loyalty has us working on a new and improved Wet Seal.”

The site also notes that this is just a “small (but necessary) break,” implying this might not be the end all, be all for Wet Seal. The brand promises to share more on what’s ahead; until then you can put the tissues away.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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