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What Do Tommy Wiseau and Oprah Have in Common? Or, The Most Memorable Moments of the 2018 Golden Globes

CREDIT: Paul Drinkwater/NBC

Apparently the Golden Globes exist to give out trophies... But who cares about that?! The real question is: did the show make for good television? Here were the moments that made the biggest immediate impression on me. They could have been banter between presenters, a heartfelt acceptance speech, or even just an indelible reaction shot, but all of them were interesting in their own ways.

Bug-eyed Willem Dafoe

While Seth Meyers’ opening monologue was on point, much of it felt a little stiff and overly rehearsed. But there was one especially organic moment that burned itself into my brain. Our M.C. noted that this was the first night in a while that men in Hollywood would actually be happy to hear their name announced, because instead of being accused of sexual misconduct, it would mean they’re nominated for an award. So he then shouted, “Willem Dafoe!” as an example with a lot of potential to disappoint, leading to a cutaway reaction of good-natured, but caught off-guard, mock worry.

John Goodman Cracks Himself Up

You know it’s a good day when you get to see the once and future Dan Conner grinning from ear to ear. John Goodman and his TV wife Roseanne Barr were presenting for Best TV Drama, with the former noting that that the latter has a knack for creating drama, but “not the kind you get awards for,” thereby giving himself quite the giggle fit. His delight is a beacon in the darkness.

Another Sterling Acceptance Speech

Sterling K. Brown keeps winning awards, partly because he keeps giving great performances, but also probably the voters love hearing his consistently gracious and thoughtful acceptance speeches. This time he shouted out This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman for giving him an opportunity to advance the cause of representation.

James and Tommy’s Fairytale Ending

Hey guys: not only was Tommy Wiseau invited to the Golden Globes, he was also invited up on stage, thanks to his Disaster Artist portrayer James Franco taking the trophy for Lead Actor in a Comedy or Musical. Tommy, true to form, lunged towards the mic before James could get into his acceptance speech, so James had to restrain him, but then everyone shared in some hearty smiles.

Oprah Tells Recy Taylor’s Story

In the midst of a show that was defined by its #MeToo ethos, who better to sum it all up than Oprah? The newly minted Cecil B. DeMille Award winner delivered a typical barnburner of an acceptance speech, with the centerpiece being her recounting of the story of Recy Taylor, a black woman who was gang raped by six white men in 1944 and whose case was then taken up by Rosa Parks. Taylor passed away this past December 28, and Ms. Winfrey made sure her story would not be forgotten.

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