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What Does President Trump Have in Common with Chimpanzees? Jane Goodall Explains


British primatologist Jane Goodall, who has spent over 50 years of her life working with primates, has voiced the connection between chimpanzees and President Donald Trump.

Before Trump won the GOP nomination, Goodall had compared the candidate to a chimpanzee. Like Trump in the election, male chimpanzees seek hierarchy dominance by performing certain acts: “stamping, slapping the ground, dragging branches, throwing rocks.”

Upon taking office, Trump has exemplified this behavior, especially in his pugnacious threats toward North Korea. In an interview with Jezebel, Goodall explained:

When chimps are competing for dominance, they do a lot of blustering, swaggering, and intimidation…The chimps who are smart, they use their brain and they get to the top by forming clever alliances, like with their brothers. So you don’t challenge the top guy without a lot of support. They last longer, the ones with the brain. The ones who do the swaggering don’t last as long.

As some hope Trump’s behaviors will lead to his decline, Goodall is also inclined to believe that Trump’s swaggering techniques, might shorten his time in office.

[via Metro]

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