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What a Time to be Alive: A Café that Allows Doggos is Opening this Month in NYC

via Grub Street

Dogs in NYC truly have the life. They’re constantly surrounded by so many new sights and smells, and always meet someone new just by stepping outside. The city is like their oyster, and now they can enjoy it with some extra benefits.

Opening in mid-January, Boris & Horton, is a café that allows dog-owners to bring their puppers. Though the café is not geared to catering pups, as a sushi spot in Australia is, dogs will still be allowed to hang out in a coffee shop with their owners.

Owned by Coppy Holzman and his daughter, Logan Mikhly, Boris & Horton is trying to revolutionize the way New Yorkers hang out. “It’s not just a coffee shop where people sit there with headphones on their laptops,” Holzman says. They figure that bringing dogs into the mix will encourage people to talk and “break the ice.”

The coffee shop is a place where New Yorkers can “have great coffee, eat, have wine and beer, hang out, and” — most important — “also bring your dog inside.”

“We want it to feel as much as possible like your typical coffee shop, but you have the added benefit of hanging out with your dog,” said Mikhly.

Naturally, it took a lot of time and effort to begin opening a place like this. Holzman and Mikhly met with the Health Department numerous times to acquire all the necessary permits and meet regulations. Workers in the shop will also have training with the School of Dogs to anticipate dog behavior and read signals.

Now NYC is sure to see fewer dogs tied up outside, waiting for their owners to get their caffeine fix. Plus, who doesn’t feel awful seeing those puppy dog eyes when you have to leave for a quick cup?

And this brutal NYC winter is the perfect time to open up a cozy place to hang with your pup.

The café is located on 12th Street and Avenue A in the East Village.

[via Grub Street]

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