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What Would It Be Like If a Human Dated a Xenomorph From ‘Alien’? James Corden Thinks It Might Go a Little Something Like This


James Corden is one of those late night hosts who likes to mash himself up with the movies that have stuck themselves into the collective consciousness of the filmgoing public. And few films have lodged themselves in our brains more irreversibly than the Alien series and its alarming breed of Xenomorph extraterrestrials.

So in determining the next step in this saga, Corden decided that he ought to date a Xenomorph, which is actually totally crazy because I am pretty sure he has a human wife and they have human children. But apparently this segment isn’t based on real life, so I guess it’s okay.

Corden and “Emma” are joined for dinner by Funny Lady Kristen Schaal and Alien Covenant‘s Billy Crudup. Bon appétit!

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