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What Your Favorite ‘Game of Thrones’ Character Says About You

One of the many, many amazing things about the A Song of Ice and Fire book series and its accompanying TV show Game of Thrones is just how diverse a cast of characters there are. Ranging from all-around good people to some of the most evil fictional figures anywhere, the GoT universe gives us plenty of characters from whom we can choose our favorites.

Given how much personality all of these characters have, picking your favorite can be just as difficult as remembering everybody’s name. However, once you decide on which character you want to see succeed until the very end of the series, you reveal a whole lot about your personality. That being the case, here’s what your choice in favorite Game of Thrones character says about you.

Please note that I’m only gonna talk about characters who are still alive after the end of Season 7, so here’s a big ol’ spoiler warning.

Tyrion Lannister


Just about everybody loves Tyrion. He’s one of the most likeable, interesting characters on the show and he’s almost always a welcome presence onscreen (by the audience, at least). If Tyrion is your absolute favorite character, you’re the type of person who appreciates intelligence, a quick tongue, and a strong moral compass. You also probably like to drink a lot.

Jon Snow


Jon is another character who’s almost universally loved. He’s dynamic, badass, and dedicated to his causes, making him one of the most interesting characters to watch given all the shit he’s been through since the beginning of the series. If Jon’s your #1 pick, there’s a good chance you’re honorable, passionate, and a bit melancholy at times. You also might have a thing for blondes and/or redheads.

Daenerys Targaryen


Watching Daenerys grow from a helpless teenager into a world-conquering badass has been one of the biggest treats Game of Thrones has had to offer. She’s definitely got her flaws, as the “Bend Da Knee!” thing in Season 7 got pretty old, pretty fast, but you have to respect her dedication to her craft. If Daenerys is your kinda gal, you’re very steadfast in your beliefs, caring, and you want to make the world a better place. Or, at least what you think will be a better place.

Jaime Lannister


Jaime has probably had the best character development of any character in Game of Thrones. He went from being this smooth-talking, selfish, murderous piece of shit to becoming one of the most sympathetic and beloved characters in the series. He’s honestly an all-around great guy and has come really far from what he used to be. A person who prefers Jaime over everyone else is forgiving, able to bounce back from some serious shit, and able to make hard decisions. You also might have a thing for your sibling, but that’s a whole other story.

Arya Stark


One can argue that no one on Game of Thrones is more badass than Arya (see what I did there? Ha!). Her quest for vengeance is one of the most entertaining storylines in the series, as we all love watching her pick off those who have wronged her in some pretty gruesome ways. We’ve also seen some pretty great character development with Arya, as she went from a headstrong young girl to a totally badass assassin. If Arya’s you’re favorite character, you’re fiercely independent, a bit stubborn, and capable of getting shit done. If you only watch the show and haven’t read the books, you’ll also be happy to know that Arya is the only character who has their own point-of-view chapters in each ASoIaF novel. Cool, huh?

Cersei Lannister


I’m just gonna say it: Cersei sucks. Like, she really sucks. She’s sucked from the very beginning, but at least for most of the series, you could say, “Well at least she really cares about her kids!” Well, that clearly ain’t the case anymore and now she has absolutely no redeeming qualities. So, if Cersei is your favorite character for any reason other than how entertaining she can be onscreen, you might be kind of a shitty person. I don’t mean to sound accusatory or anything but, come on, seriously? Cersei is your favorite character? Sheesh.

Davos Seaworth


As far as I’m concerned, Davos is the only character in Game of Thrones who can really do no wrong. He’s arguably the most kindhearted and loyal character in the series, sticking by those with whom he is aligned no matter what shit gets thrown at him. He risked everything to (rightfully) protect Stannis from Melisandre’s manipulation and stood by Jon throughout all of his tough decisions as Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch and KingInDaNorf. If Davos is your guy, not only are you kind and loyal, but you have a strong moral compass and are always willing to do what’s right no matter the consequence.

Sansa Stark


Poor Sansa. She’s been through so many horrible things over the course of the series that one could easily understand why she would crumble and become nothing more than just a sad, sad shell of a person. But Sansa defied all expectations and has actually become a really strong character, even giving Petyr Baelish the horrible fate he so desperately deserved after years of being manipulated by him. She’s become an excellent leader and has proven to us that she’s not the scared preteen we once thought she was. A Sansa fan is perseverant, capable, and sympathetic to those around them.

Sandor Clegane


“The Hound” is another one of those characters who has defied expectations. At first, we all thought of him as this malicious puppet, willing to follow orders no matter how brutal they might be. He’s grown up a lot since then, bailing on Joffrey and doing his own thing. However, what really helped him redeem himself was the way he cared for Arya and genuinely wanted to ensure her safety. So, if Sandor is your favorite character, you will go far out of your way to make sure the people around you are safe and secure. You’re also probably very vocal about how much you hate the government.

Brienne of Tarth


Brienne hasn’t changed much over the course of Game of Thrones, but that’s totally not a bad thing. She’s still the same badass, fiercely loyal, and capable warrior we’ve come to know and love. Again, she’s another person who’s willing to sacrifice everything to follow through on her promises, no matter what other people think of her. If Brienne is your beauty (oh yeah, I said that), you’re independent, trustworthy, and someone who can be counted on.



Bronn is just pure fun. He’s a perfect mix of comic relief and loyalty, even when that loyalty is only based on how big a castle he’ll be rewarded with. He’s always a joy to see onscreen, as he makes every scene he’s in way better. If you’re a big enough Bronn fan to dub him as your favorite character, you’re probably a pretty funny person who loves fucking around with those around you. You also fookin’ love castles.

Bran Stark


Bran has gone from a child without much hope for success into one of the most powerful people in the entire Game of Thrones universe. Although he hasn’t had quite as much screen time as his siblings, you know that he’s gonna play a massive role in how everything turns out in the end. My only issue with the show version him is that he’s too stubborn for his own good, often putting people at risk because of his unwillingness to follow the rules. Bran in the books is just straight up whiney and I can’t stand him. Anyway, if you’re a Bran fan, you like to root for the little guy, have a deep appreciation for the magical aspects of fantasy entertainment, and understand that knowledge is power.

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