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What’s Butter Than A Statue Of Justin Tredeau? A Statue of Him Made Entirely Out of Butter While Holding Pandas

Buns and puns beware, butter is on the roll for today


Check out this artist’s stature of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Tredaeu holding two baby pandas… made entirely out of butter.

As if this Canadian celebrity was not popular enough. Now he’s being buttered up on Twitter by his Canadian family.

The statue is actually pretty impressive as well as being very detailed.

The Ex, the Canadian Nation Exhibition, has taken over Twitter today for their salty-sculptures in all shapes, sizes and Canadian Prime Ministers. This is not their only butter-statue they have created and posted on their Twitter page.

Here are some other photos that spread their way across the web:

If only I were important enough to have a statue built of me made entirely out of a dairy product. Maybe one day. Until then, we can enjoy Canadian PM, the butter version.

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