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What’s Your Girlfriend Really Telling Her Friends About Your Sex Life?


Your sex life isn’t as private as you think. Have you ever been in a room with your girlfriend’s friends and notice that they’re looking at you funny? Well, they could be judging you, because of all the weird stuff that they’ve heard you’re into–or maybe they’re wishing they were the ones getting your goods.

Every girl is different of course, so yours might be on the quiet side. However, most women aren’t afraid to share a few details with their closest gal pals. Here are a few things about your sex lives that she might spill:

If Size Matters

She’s not going to break out a ruler and give your exact measurement, but she might use her hands to suggest how big you are. While some girls don’t care about size, most of them are at least curious about it. “How big is he?” is usually the first question women are asked.

The Best Positions

Are you always in missionary, or do you like to switch it up? Friends like to discuss this, because it helps them think of new ideas. If your woman tries something new in the bedroom, she either saw it in a magazine or heard about it from her friends, so be thankful for this gossipy topic.

Who Does the Work

Are you left panting by the end of your sex session or is she the one worn out? If she’s stuck doing all of the work inside and outside of the bedroom, there’s going to be some complaints. But as long as you hold your weight, she’ll compliment your effort.

How She Feels

When you’re not with the right person, sex is just sex. Sure, it’s fun. Yeah, it feels amazing, but it’s just an activity. When she’s with the right guy, she’ll consider it love making instead of banging. She might not admit that she’s only in a relationship for the sex, but her friends will be able to tell if you’re the real deal.

How You Compare

Women know they shouldn’t compare an ex with their current boyfriend, but it’s impossible to avoid doing so. Every man is so different, and it’s important to note how her ex’s kisses were sloppier and that your hands have a tighter grip. Most of the time, the comparisons work in your favor, so don’t get too paranoid about it.

How Often

Everyone wonders if they’re having more or less sex than their friends. She’s going to tell her pals how often you’re doing it, but she might lie. She wants to look good, after all. You’d do the same.

The Depth of Foreplay

If you’re a master at getting her wet, she’s going to brag about it. Most men pretend that foreplay isn’t important, so when she finds someone who actually aims to please her, it’s a big deal. Pat yourself on the back.

Your Talent Level

Even if your girl keeps quiet about every other aspect of her sex life, she’ll give away this little gem. She’ll either tell her friends that the sex is fine, pretty good, or the best she’s ever had. It’s not giving much away, but at the same time, it’s giving everything away.

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