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What’s Your Shortest Time At A Job?: The Scaramucci Story

In honor of the 10-day job held by the former Director of Communications Anthony Scaramucci, news reporter Nubyjas Wilborn took to Twitter and asked people what’s their shortest time at a job, and why?

To kick things off, I’ll share my shortest time at a job story.

I had a friend who worked at a golf club in a bordering town near me. He had been there for about a year and loved it. I needed a job, and for my luck, they had a job opening and he offered it to me. He had been working what was called “the snack bar” which was fried food, salad, and bread. He told me the job was frying the food, serving drinks, and sneaking a couple for ourselves; sign me up. But when I showed up for my first day I was told I was not working snack bar, but I was washing dishes. I wanted to walk out right then and there but I did not want to tarnish my friend’s name at the job, so I stayed. That was the worst day of work I have ever experienced.

My job, was to wash dishes and clean whatever needed to be cleaned. I had another guy with me, can’t remember his name, and he had been there for a few months. We are about getting ready to leave after a busy night when we hear a loud bang from underneath us. It was the grease trap, something happened and it overflew. The smell alone was enough to burn off my nose hairs, and my boss wanted us to clean it all up. So I picked up a mop while he had his hands shoulder deep in grime. So I had just finished mopping everything up and it happened again. I took off my smock, or whatever you want to call it, apologized to the guy who was left to clean it up and that was my last day. I spent about 6 hours at that job, that’s a personal record.

Now let’s see what Twitter said:

As we enjoy the countless and funny short job stories, we can relish in the fact that Scaramucci is not alone. He shouldn’t feel to bad knowing the people he was communicating to had been in similar, sometimes worse, situations. The only difference is we were not representing Donald Trump and the country while having our 10-day job exploited all around the world. Sorry, Scaramucci but you there are worse stories out there.

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