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Whoops: Google Photos App Tagged an African American Couple as “Gorillas”

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Oh, this is bad. So, so bad. Google rolled out a new version of its Photos app last month, and let’s just say things have been a touch rocky since. The updated version of the app has the ability to automatically tag photos and generate albums based on objects it identifies, like food, landscapes and animals.

Things went downhill very quickly after one African American couple took a photo together on the app and the tag feature labeled photos of them as “gorillas.” Take a moment to shake your head.

Jacky Alcne took to Twitter immediately to post Google’s massive mistake.

Alciné received an official response from Google’s Chief Social Architect Yonatan Zunger within an hour and a half:

Zunger then confirmed via Twitter that the “gorilla” label had been removed from the app’s database but that the team still had work to do when the app didn’t recognize a human face.

Yeah, that’s an understatement.

[via The Verge]

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