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Whoopsy: Mark Ruffalo Streamed a Part of ‘Thor’ on Instagram Accidentally

Ummmmm .. spoiler alert?

Thor: Ragnarok, is Marvel’s next big feature, coming to theaters on Nov 3. Obviously people love Marvel and the anticipation for the movie is half the fun. However, the only thing that might be even more fun is when a Marvel hero uploads a piece of the movie by mistake.

According to The Hollywood ReporterMark Ruffalo, who plays the Hulk, accidentally streamed the first few minutes of Thor: Ragnarok on Instagram. How? Because the screeners were this week and he got way to fucking excited.

Ruffalo was doing the introduction live at the El Capitan Theatre before the screening began. Side note: the Hulk was there because even though it’s a standalone Thor movie, Hulk has a major part in it.

Anyway, Ruffalo gets on stage and he’s showing off video of the excited audience on his Instagram account. He puts his phone back in his pocket after the intro, and forgot to stop recording. He legit streamed the first few minutes from his phone.

LOL. Stooopid.

That happened.

Thankfully only 2,500 were watching and Ruffalo said there’s no video, just audio. BUT IT’S THE FIRST 15 MINUTES OF AUDIO!

Oy, Mark.

Well, if you didn’t catch it, watch the trailer below and wait for the first 15 minutes on Nov 3rd.

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