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Why Girls Are Considered More Emotional


We hear it all the time. Girls are emotional. Boys are rational. What a load of crap, I tell you. It’s as if we can only be one or the other, and you need serious help if you’re the former by the way. You see, if you’re a girl, you’re automatically recognized as inferior because of those crazy emotions you harbour and can’t seem to control. If you’re a boy, on the other hand, you’re seen as a rational being, someone that can keep his cool and deal with shit like “a man” (whatever the fuck that means).

Some people actually have the tendency to believe girls are inherently emotional which motivates their crazies to come out, and boys are always stuck having to deal with the out-of-control girls. Poor guys, work all day like a boss, trying to make a living, and then forced to deal with some girl’s shit afterwards. Sarcasm and I are two peas in a pod, if you hadn’t already noticed. If you didn’t, let me spell it out for you: B U L L S H I T. It is 2017 people, get over that barbaric and ancient way of thinking, a way that was never right in the first place but anyway.

Girls are comfortable being emotional

Because we’re not afraid to show our emotions, we get labelled emotional beings. Like seriously, we all experience emotions. I don’t get it, are guys supposed to be some sort of hybrid creature that repels any and all emotion? Yeah, don’t think so. Difference is, us girls (not generalizing, most girls, let’s say) are aware of their feelings, and they don’t coward up when shit gets real. They confront their shit head on, whereas most guys (not generalizing, most guys, let’s say) are more concerned with keeping up with some image, an image which just goes to show that they’re afraid to feel, afraid to let people know they feel. It’s not a surprise but A+ for effort, I guess.

I have seen grown men cry like babies

I cry. Fuck yeah, I cry. Other girls cry, in fact, every single girl in the world has cried or will cry in their lifetime. Guess what…same goes for boys. When they’re hurt, and I mean seriously hurt by someone, feel betrayed, feel alone, they freaking shed those tears alongside us. So please, don’t give me that crap that “boys are tough, they don’t show emotions.”

Boys who are open to showing emotions make for better partners

Bet you didn’t know this, but it’s true. It’s not fair for a girl to be with a guy who doesn’t let her in on what he feels, let her in on what he’s going through. When he’s comfortable sharing and showing his emotions with his partner, you reach a new stage in your relationship. That’s the kind of level that you want and need if forever is looking good to you.

Boys, we know you cry, we know you have feelings. Stop hiding them. You’re not fooling anyone DUH.

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