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Will Smith Says There’s a Lion on the Loose in his Neighborhood


Will Smith is convinced that there’s a lion prowling his L.A. neighborhood, he explained on Wednesday’s episode of the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“I’m not even saying in my neighborhood, at my house!” he told Ellen, who kept trying to explain to Smith that it was probably a mountain lion, not a lion lion, but he said he had the video to prove it.

“We have video cameras and security at my house. That’s a lion, Ellen,” he said, after showing them the footage of his backyard. “You see one of them jokers in Kenya. That’s 25 feet from my bed. Look at that thing! I’m asleep right now and I think I’m safe.”

“Well, it does look like you need to landscape better,” the host joked.

Whether lion or mountain lion, a park ranger was called to take care of it by spraying the perimeter of the Smith house with lion urine (ew) and attempting to tranquilize and capture the animal so it could be released in a less populated area.

“I thought he should have at least been able to relocate it to Denzel [Washington’s] house,” Smith joked.

[via Entertainment Tonight]

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