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Winter is Here and so is the Deal of a Lifetime: ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 and Where to Watch It

game of thrones

Winter is here—both figuratively and literally—as Game of Thrones fans ready themselves for season 7, which is already promising to be wild, if half of the theories growing in the petri dish that is the Internet are to be believed.

Perhaps, the only thing worse than having to wait for the next season is having it spoiled for you. If you don’t have access to your parents’ HBO account, or if you don’t have cable because you’re broke and can’t possibly justify paying for channels you don’t watch, like me, take a deep breath. There’s still an affordable way to watch HBO and other channels, all live and all without cable and wires.

How? Welcome to DIRECTV NOW.  

Unlike traditional TV packages, DIRECTV NOW lets you choose which channels you want to watch based on the package you choose. It’s kind of like the Chinese buffet of television deals. The best part? It’s all wireless streaming, so no cable box, no pesky wires—just the ability to watch what you want on demand.

Start off with a 7-day trial and you pick from the most basic package, which is 60 channels for only $35 a month, to the most expensive, which is $70 for over 120 channels. For a limited-time only, you can get the “Go Big” deal, which is 100 channels for only $35. I mean, come on, these people are basically giving away TV at this point. And HBO? It’s only $5 bucks (that’s less than you probably spend on your morning Starbucks).

Just think, all of this could be yours—legally, for once.

Oh, and did I mention? If you sign up now, not only will your bill be guaranteed to stay at the same rate it is now, but, if you pre-pay for 3 months, you get a free Apple TV. That means you’ll be more than ready to watch Games of Thrones season 7, which will run seven episodes long, when it premieres in mid-2017.


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